Re: InterMountain AAR NYC boxcar

Tim O'Connor

Richard says some of the NYC box cars built 1944-1945 had black roofs, but
I've never seen a photo of one. I've seen 1950's repaints with black ends,
and then the Jade Green cars got black roofs too. Richard can you cite any
published photos or web links to wartime cars with black roofs? Thanks I'd
really like to know if there were any.

I agree by the late 1950's it seems like all of the roofs were bare metal,
and only the seam caps still had paint on them.

Intermountain is notorious for botched paint jobs -- their C&NW welded PS-1
models came without black ends and roofs for example. Even Kadee has made a
mistake or two. I don't trust anyone anymore; I've got to see a photo!

Tim O'Connor

Was looking for a quick relaxing build yesterday and came across an InterMountain NYC. 10' 6" boxcar numbered 159323.  Date by the light weight shows new 9-44.  Lettering is crisp so I'd like to keep it in it's factory lettering if its correct for an NYC car.  Lot number above the NYV oval is 734-B.   It also includes a black roof.

How close is this model to the NYC prototype boxcar from 9-44?

Charlie, the car number, date built, and lot number all match.  Number series for that lot was 159000-159999, built by the Despatch Shops in East Rochester NY.  The only thing I�d be uncertain about is the black roof, but some NYC box cars built ca. 1944-�45 did have black roofs and if IM went to the trouble to paint the roof black it�s likely that they had prototype information to that effect.  The one photo I have of a car in that series is a B/W shot taken in �56 and it�s sufficiently weathered that I can�t tell whether the roof was black.  I�ll send you a scan of that photo off-list.

Richard Hendrickson

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