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Hi Group:
As an avid train watcher in the 50s I'd like to chime in here... The Central had a lot of cars and not all got around to getting painted in Jade green... Many from the 40s still had the Box car Brown/Red sides and roofs... So if your planning a 50s  layout is OK to have mix of NYC colors...
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On Dec 23, 2013, at 6:55 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Richard says some of the NYC box cars built 1944-1945 had black roofs, but
I've never seen a photo of one. I've seen 1950's repaints with black ends,
and then the Jade Green cars got black roofs too. Richard can you cite any
published photos or web links to wartime cars with black roofs? Thanks I'd
really like to know if there were any.

I agree by the late 1950's it seems like all of the roofs were bare metal,
and only the seam caps still had paint on them.

I don't have paint specs for the 1944 Despatch-built NYC box cars, but ACF paint specs for 3 series of NYC 50' box and auto cars built from 2-45 to 12-45 all specify brown sides and ends, black roofs (car cement), black underframes, and black trucks. 

ACF lot 2736 - 64500-65499
ACF lot 2774 - 65500-66499
ACF lot 2775 - 80500-80999 & 177300-177799

Also, a series of NYC 40' AAR box cars built ca. 5-48 (ACF lot 3284, 166000-166999) received brown sides and ends with black car cement on the roofs. Trucks were also black, however, the underframes of these 40' box cars were brown.

In the STMFC archives should be discussion about 1948 NYC box cars built by Greenville Steel 40' with paint specs denoting black roofs and unpainted running boards except for brown paint on the edges. Very decorative.

While I agree this information isn't absolute proof of the roof color used on the 1944 Despatch box cars, it does provide supporting data for Richard's statement. Early photos of the NYC 159000-159999 box cars have been elusive. A side view builder's photo of NYC 159000 is available from the Andrew Merrilees Collection at the National Archives of Canada.

Ed Hawkins

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