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Clark Cooper

Steve, thanks for the clinic link. Long-shot question: Do you know if there's an appropriately narrower truck to use for that?

I did notice that the NPRHA web site indicates 4 pairs for $12.50:,0,1/qx/store.htm

I placed an order for one set of ends, plus a copy of volume 25-1 of the Mainstreeter for Ed Ursem's article on narrowing these kits. Total with $5 shipping was $24.50.

-Clark Cooper
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On Dec 24, 2013, at 9:51 AM, Steve Sandifer wrote:

For those who still have not built their cars, this page may be helpful.

One suggestion: The NP society sells the ends 2 pair for $12.50. However, they require a $20 minimum sale and tack on shipping of course. So one would have to buy 4 pair for $25 plus shipping, a costly investment if you only want to build one car. It makes much better economic sense (cents) for several people who only want one car to go together and buy enough for the group and share the costs.
J. Stephen (Steve) Sandifer
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Ed Ursem made the beautiful patterns for the cast resin correct width ends the NP Society sells. I did the casting until recently, must have done over 1000 pairs, and Aaron will be doing them now. Or will be, as soon as I get off my butt and send him the patterns and submasters.

Tom Madden

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