Fulfilling My Duties as STMFC Owner


First, to fulfill one of my duties as STMFC Owner, I will paraphrase the old Beetle Bailey cartoon's sergeant: You Will have a Merry Christmas.

Among my other duties at this time of the year is to give the extended weather forecast for Cocoa Beach, FL...particularly during the period Jan 9-12 and Prototype Rails:

Sunny with a slight breeze out of the southeast. High temp: 78�

I also need to announce that the hotel is nearly sold out. If you are unable to get our $100 rate, take whatever is offered and I will get it changed to the $100 rate. Please note that when you contact the hotel for reservations you are actually talking with someone off site and they cannot increase the block size. Only the hotel sales staff can do that. Unfortunately, due to hotel renovations [ they are upgrading sleeping rooms one floor at a time ], the usual number of rooms is not available this year. To add to that, we are currently significantly ahead of any previous year in hotel room reservations and pre registrations.

1550 N. Atlantic Ave. [Highway A1A], COCOA BEACH, FL.
Phone: 800-526-2609 or 321-799-0003.
Refer to Prototype Rails for $100 Room Rate.

Early registration $35, Please make your check payable to "Prototype Rails" and send to: Marty Megregian 480 Gails Way Merritt Island, FL 32953.

Mike Brock
STMFC Owner and Prototype Rails Boss and primary target when things don't go right.

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