Re: FGE Cars

Tim O'Connor

WFEX 66625-66799 were built by Mt Vernon in 1946 -- info from Clive Carter's
Mainline Modeler series April-May-June 1996.

The previous WFEX reefers were all plywood-sheathed cars:

  WFEX series 66400-66499 blt 1942 FGE SHOPS
  WFEX series 66500-66549 blt 1944 FGE SHOPS
  WFEX series 66550-66624 blt 1946 FGE SHOPS

Tim O'

At 12/24/2013 01:20 PM Tuesday, you wrote:

While on the subject of FGE cars, FGE ordered 125 reefers from MtV in 2-45. At the same time, WFE ordered 175 similar cars from MtV. WFEX 66625-66799 seem likely according to the ORER, but FGE isn't so simple. FGE 38450-38499 have very similar dimensions, but 35 were already in the series by 7-46, and the series is way short of 125 cars anyway. FGEX 38500-38634 was the next number block added. Does anyone have builder data and dates for WFEX or FGEX cars in the vicinity? I estimate the MtV cars were built in early 1947 based on surrounding orders.

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