UP Kitbash 40' Double Door SERVICE Help


UP Challenger Merchandise Service

UP Two-tone Grey Express Service

UP Armour Yellow Express Service

On the Athearn site all these boxcars were offered in 2005-8 and are here: Athearn page covering the UP express boxcars released between 2005 and 2008and here: http://www.athearn.com/Search/Default.aspx?SearchTerm=40%27+Box+RTR+Double&CatID=THRF&RN=UP. All shown are double door 40' boxcars

I also read that the 40' double door boxcars Athearn used were a hold over from their purchase of Model Die Casting and it looks as if similar boxcars, under numerous Flags were produced by Roundhouse and may be during the same time period and from the same production mold as well.

Although the paint schemes may (or may not?) be correct for all the boxcars Athearn used to create double door sales, I need some direction to clarify how the UP Service boxcars were specifically painted and how the exterior structure should be created in an accurate model.

I would appreciate all input and direction, especially from individuals who have modeled these particular boxcars, or modeled the 40s-50s double door boxcar on which it looks to be based.

I hope you can help,


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