Re: NP Stock Cars represented by Central Valley kit


Hi all, the Gjermundson-mastered kit for the Whipple Car Co. 1913  NP stock car was stocked and available to anyone by mail order at the NPRHA Company Store at for a year or two.  (See for further information on the kit and prototype).  Like many high-quality resin kits, the production run was limited, the kit sold out, and it is not presently available.   

However a package of four prototype-width cast resin ends useful for those who want to modify the NP Central Valley styrene stock car kits to correct scale width (8ft 9in over the side sills, e.g., see has been re-stocked, and is available at the NPRHA Company Store at $12.50 for a package of four (plus shipping).   

Chris Frissell

Polson, MT 

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