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Chad Boas

I added photos of my mew kit for the Milwaukee combo door cars. This kit will do the 29000-29399 series and 29500-29999 series cars with the Youngstown doors. In the photo of the two cars, the top car is built with an Intermountain PS-1 with the 8' door opening and the lower on is built with the Branchline AAR box car with an 8'door. I will also be offering the PS-1 with the Superior doors.
Also, I will be offering doors for the 18000-18176 rebuilds where they took off the plug door and replaced it with a sliding door.
The kits will be $10. The replacement sliding doors for the 18000 series cars will be $4.
MaskIsland has decals for these cars and I can include them in with the kit for $4 a set.
As always, contact me Off List for ordering.
Thanks, Chad Boas

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