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For those seeking Pennsylvania Sanborn maps, Penn State is in the process of digitizing maps prior to 1922 these are no longer protected by copyright.  They can be accessed at

Rich Orr

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Many county libraries and universities have access to the Sanborn fire maps.  I found that there are maps available for 1919 covering the General Petroleum Corporation and 1926 covering the Central Manufacturing district.  Generally you have to have a library card to access the maps.  Prior to the internet age, I went to UC Berkeley and printed out the needed maps. 
Proquest will sell individual maps.  Not sure of the price.  In my research of northern California, maps were often updated and info could be gleaned for a later time period.
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Gary Ray
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If you are looking for free, historical USGS maps, go to:
If you type "Vernon, California" in the search box, you'll get the general area. Then left click on the red highlighter. You'll get a list of available maps with the date of the map. If you sign up with the site (do that first), you can download any of the maps for free.
Jack Burgess
Thanks for that link. Too bad the RR maps don't cover post 1930. Looking for1930-1980 around Vernon Ca. Or is my lack of computer skills not letting me find them. LOL
Andy Jackson
Bellflower CA

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