Re: Weathering Hopper Car Interiors

Tony Thompson

Bill Botkin wrote:

From what I can find, the interior surfaces seem rather varied, but generally a rusty color, but not uniform.  I tried airbrushing light coats of Floquil rust and rail brown, but the results seem unconvincing. It seems like some sort of mottled or patchy effect is required. Thus far I have tried weathering the interiors of black hoppers, though many of my fleet, such as NYC, WM and PRR are a boxcar red color requiring something other than a rusty appearance to make the effect visible.

     As I usually point out in these discussions, regular use of hoppers means that unloading the cargo scrubs off the rust, if any, and leaves pretty shiny bare metal. I used to see this all the time when I lived in Pittsburgh and regularly saw hopper cars moving through Panther Hollow, where you can look right down into them. Any rusty areas of the interior were on the sides, not the slope sheets.

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