Re: Weathering Hopper Car Interiors

Rod Miller

On 12/29/13 9:47 AM, wrote:

I have been looking for guidance on weathering the interior of coal hoppers
in the transition era of the early 1950's. The various books and articles on
weathering seem to ignore this topic and good photos showing hopper car
interiors are difficult to find. Some of the Morning Sun books have distance
views that are somewhat helpful, but rarely can you really get a good look
inside the hopper.

From what I can find, the interior surfaces seem rather varied, but generally
a rusty color, but not uniform. I tried airbrushing light coats of Floquil
rust and rail brown, but the results seem unconvincing. It seems like some
sort of mottled or patchy effect is required. Thus far I have tried
weathering the interiors of black hoppers, though many of my fleet, such as
NYC, WM and PRR are a boxcar red color requiring something other than a rusty
appearance to make the effect visible.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bill Botkin Centennial, CO
Some views of hopper interiors (box car roofs too) here:



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