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S. Busch

Perhaps I can help with some information on these cars.  Photos and equipment diagrams of both these car series are available from the C&O Historical Society at:
There are also a lot of good references in Ted Culotta's book of the 1932 ARA cars.
The C&O 8000 through 9499 cars had what was then called a Chicago-Cleveland Climax radial roof.  A drawing can be found here:
These are the same roofs which the C&O used on their series 7000-7649 ARA 1932 Standard cars, which were/are being modeled by Atlas's "Body Style #3" car , which (correctly) calls the roof a Hutchins roof.
Some time in the 1930's after the C&O 8000 series cars were built in 1930, but before the C&O 7000 series in 1934, the Chicago - Cleveland company merged with Hutchins to form Chicago-Hutchins Corp, so that the Climax roof was being referred to as a Hutchins on the C&O's equipment diagram 7000 series.
Caution about the F&C 1932 C&O boxcar though.  It is a model of one of the five1932 ARA service test cars built by Pressed Steel Car Co. in 1933 to perfect the design of the 1932 cars.  C&O must have liked them as they bought three of the five of them after the tests were completed.  These cars all had a peaked Chicago-Hutchins Dry Lading roof, and were numbered as 1900 through 1902.
The Pere Marquette 8200 series cars, built 1930, also had a Hutchins radial roof, according to my C&O equipment diagram, but I am trying to find my copy of "Pere Marquette Revenue Freight Cars" which might provide better information.
Steve Busch
Duncan, SC

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 I am seeking images and drawings of these cars.    I particularly need roof, end and underside images.

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Brad Andonian

The c&0 car series is 8001-9000 and 9001-9499
The Pere Marquette cars are 82000-83499

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