Re: car tire weights

Douglas Harding

Someone asked me off list, how much the weights I mentioned cost per oz. I purchased them at the local Goodyear store. The manufacture is Grey Products Corp of Wis. The box of ¼ oz stick on weights was marked $15.79 or 18 cents per oz. It contains 30 strips of 12 ¼ oz weights. The full box weights 5.65lbs. And the box of ½ oz stick on weights was $28.73 or 16 cents per oz. It contains 30 strips of 12 ½ oz weights. The full box weighs 11.25lbs. This was standard “retail” price, but no shipping on almost 18lbs. I thought it was a bargain compared to the cost of the A Line stick on weights at the hobby shop. Walthers is asking $7.50 for 2 strips of the ¼ oz weights, or $1.25 per oz.


I too have gotten a bucket of old used lead tire weights from the local gas station. They required a lot of cleaning, then cutting to the size I needed, including removing the steel “clamp”, which often would not fit into the car body. And I still had to figure out how to make then stick in whatever car I was building. The purchased stick on weights, have an adhesive pad on one side, are uniform in size and lay flat. They are very convenient to use, and I my opinion well worth the money.


I know a number of people just use pennies as weights, which are 2.5 grams or .088oz per penny, or about 11 cents per oz. But I believe using pennies in this manner is illegal, as it is illegal to destroy US money.


Doug Harding


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