Re: car tire weights

Tony Thompson

Andy Harman wrote:

I went searching for lead flashing in the Cincinnati area and came up empty.  Apparently it's just not used in roofing around here the way it is out west.  I wound up ordering a 3x6' lead sheet from McMaster-Carr in Cleveland about 8 years ago.  I've probably used half of it.  It is the easiest to work with, better than shot, tire weights or anything else.  Used it in freight, passenger, locos etc.  I also have some Cerrobend on hand which comes in handy on some applications... Like steam loco boilers.

  I agree with Andy, lead sheet is far easier to work with than wheel weights. I bought my sheet of lead at a plumbing supply place, so if you strike with roofing supplies, you can try plumbers. My sheet, like Andy's, is probably only half used -- definitely a lifetime supply.

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