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Were these the same cars (kits) that Americas Hobby Center used to advertise in Model Railroader for 99  cents many moons ago.....I would guess the 60's.....Larry Mennie

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When I built the Comet boxcar, I attached styrene strips for the outside bracing and cut the cardstock sides into individual pieces that fit in between the styrene braces. I also cut out the doors and made them thicker by gluing thin strips of wood to their backs while adding other styrene for the upper and lower door tracks. Paint the boxcar before adding the card stock pieces. 


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Was it the old kit by Arden for a Wabash 40-ft SS automobile box car?
No, an even older kit than that, Bob, without end door and with embossed printed cardboard sides (the side framing wasn’t much more than suggested, which is why I didn’t build the kit).

Richard Hendrickson

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