Re: Prototype Rails Weather Prediction Report

Andy Harman

Cincinnati got 3 inches of snow over ice and temp is 16F.

We're in Atlanta.

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On Jan 2, 2014, at 7:36 PM, "Mike Brock" <> wrote:

Well, with stories that a new ice age is occurring in the northeast and
midwest, I decided I would actually check on what the weather guru's predict
for Cocoa Beach during Prototype Rails rather than use my usual technique of
throwing little bones.

Wed: 69/60
Thur: 76/63 30% rain
Fri: 78/63
Sat: 79/63

Interestingly, this matches almost exactly with my little bones prediction
of a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, neither predict with any accuracy the
possibility of a Tsunami strike.

Mike Brock


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