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Eric Lombard

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On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 9:27 PM, Eric Neubauer <eaneubauer@...> wrote:

ECC lot 2799, delivered as S&L 6001-6015 apparently.

Yes, it sounds like a professional degree...

But, no, does anyone know about the 15  box cars, DR 6001-6015? They look like standard AAR 1937 cars with Dreadnaught 4-5 ends and a steel roof without raised panels. (but the ORER, confusingly, provides ARA 1932 inside dimensions and AAR 1937 cuft!)

These appear on the DEVCO Ry (the Cape Bretron Development Corp. Railway, Coal Division) starting mid 1968. John Riddell in "Canadian Railways Color Guide... Volume 1..." pictures #6012 and indicates the series was built 7-1940 by ECC.

There is a contemporary photo of #6006 as a work and storage facility at the Orangedale Railway Museum on Cape Breton Island, NS, at:

There is some hint that at the Sydney and Louisberg Ry Museum site that they were inherited from the Sydney and Louisburg Ry (taken over by DEVCO).

Where were these cars between 1940 and 1968ish? Anyone know?

Thanks in advance

Eric Lombard
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