Re: Hi Tech Details flexible rubber air hoses

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

<Or if you're as lazy as I am, you use your set of fine, tapered reamers

<to enlarge holes... Much easier than knowing exactly which drill bit

<size to use for each application...


<Tim O'



< The brass brackets are from Precision Scale, Part No. 39156. I first

<drill out the hole in the bracket for the air hose using a No. 77 and

<then finish up with a No. 74 drill bit. The hole for the pin to mount

<the bracket to the freight car is a No. 73 drill bit...

< Jack Burgess

I was just repeating the note I have in the parts drawer with the brackets and should have skipped the 77 drill bit. I use a precision drill press to drill everything and start out with a carbide drill bit which won't wander but is brittle to start the hole and then switch to a regular bit which is more flexible to drill through.

Jack Burgess

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