MP Decal help


Hello to all

This may be a forlorn hope but with Oddballs decals supply proving to be problematic at best I am hoping someone out there can help.  I need a set (Preferably 2) of decals to letter a Missouri Pacific express boxcar.   The Oddballs decal number is 339 and is for the 50' Express Boxcar.   Another set I am looking for is the UP flatcar set which is Oddballs number 473.   I guess I should mention that I am looking for HO scale decals.  I have tried to find them at Train Liquidators but it is not proving successful.   If you have some or know of some out there can you please get in touch with me at rob(dot)mclear3(at)bigpond(dot)com.

Regards to all and all the best for 2014
Rob McLear
Kingaroy Australia.

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