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For those of us who come down sans spouse we only care about are 3 things, 1. good clinics, 2 enough cookies and 3. a good dinner.  The rest is icing on the cake.
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Yes, the pool is out of action, however the walkway to the beach was indeed re-opened today as promised.  The beach chairs are stacked up just waiting to be used.

Of course, it was 40* and 25mph winds when I was out there (briefly) this morning, but it cleared up nicely in the afternoon as the cold front passed.   The forecast temps are indeed as Mike has outlined, and my experience the past few days here has been more sun received along the beach than forecast.  Indeed, NOAA is now (9pm) showing highs of 80 and lows in the mid-60s for Fri & Sat.

For those so inclined, the fitness center is compact but clean; it presently looks out at the construction.  We found the "Healthplex" on Merritt Island, just off of 520, to be a magnificent facility.  $10 for drop-ins to work out till you drop.  My wife has been doing water aerobics while I attempt to swim laps.  

Larry Hanlon.

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