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Brian Carlson

Sounds like your own version of October Sky. Freight cars did pick up coal from the mine so I should stay out of jail. 
Brian Carlson
Who wanted to be a rocket scientist but the Cold War ended. 

On Jan 9, 2014, at 10:00 AM, "Mike Brock" <brockm@...> wrote:


Greg Martin says:

"Seeing how this is your first time at the Bash at the Beach a faded old tee
shirt hanging out over your faded jeans and sandals works as well. We're
just trying to capture that scruffy beach dude look... You know just like
the Boss when they drug him off the beach and said hey kid ya wanna work for

Hardly. In fact I had never seen any ocean anywhere until NASA asked a
Tennessee ridge runner to become a rocket scientist...and now I are one...or
used to be. Actually, that is all too true. Back when I was a teenager, some
of us young rocket scientists were launching solid fueled rockets by simply
rolling paper to make a pipe like thing, then solidifying one end. We then
stuffed something soft in the other end, put a fuse through it and Voila!
Not being one settle on mediocrity, my first launch was a two stage vehicle.
I even put an ant in it as an astronaut. Well, it blew up on the pad,
singing my eyebrows a bit. I'm guessing that the ant wasn't too happy
either. I never did tell that story to NASA...

Mike Brock...wonder what that has to do with frt cars? Oh well, I still have
the key to the jail...

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