Re: First round for those signing up DONE ~ last minute revisions

Greg Martin

The parts are here and look fantastic. The kits are packed and the sample of the ATSF ends are here as well. Picked up a photo from Bob's photo of the Rock Island car with ROUTE of the ROCKET P&L Scheme that I will add to the SHAKE_N_TAKE library. John Greedy made custom labels for the boxes. Archer has made a great little gift pack for the presentation. We're set!
Aaron, thanks again for the help.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean

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The Shake N Take parts I mailed are out for delivery in Merrit Island, FL.  Somebody please tell Greg Martin or Mike Brock to look for the mailman.

It was -8 when I walked to the Post Office to mail them.  Hope they thaw out before Saturday.

Aaron Gjermundson

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