Re: New Rapido Reefers

Bill Schneider

Thanks for pointing out the date Brian … ;>)


Bill Schneider


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As stated here in On January 19, 2011 by Bill himself, Also, a caveat before anybody else points it out... While all other schemes are correct for the version of the car as modeled, we are aware that the Swift car is in fact a 1936 built car which should have the earlier underframe arrangement with straight side sills and a vertical brake staff.

I’m sure he wanted to be reminded of that date.  It seems to be a straight forward modification to the car.


Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga, NY


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Is the Swift 2700 seris reefer they offer correct? Based on past BLBP experience with Bill it is but I want to be sure.



Bill McCoy

Strasburg, PA

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