My recent RPM experiences

Clark Propst

I thought I’d throw out my opinions of the last three RPMs I was privileged enough to attend. I was a mouse in the corner for the planning of the StL meet, so I will never complain but any of them.
Last summer was the Collinsville Il (St Louis) meet. This one is in a convention center rimmed by hotels and restaurants, with more very nearby. The focus is on tables. Lots of models on display, hands on clinics going all day, HS societies, manufacturers and vendors. Only one clinic room. Clinics are only shown once. A great place to grab some chairs and hold a good BS session.
This past fall was Naperville. This show seems to be on wobbly legs with the lost of Martin Lofton, trying to find a new direction. Using three different venues over the last three years hasn’t helped. You lose that ‘comfort’ feeling. Focus on clinics. Not near as many tables as St Louis, but many clinics going at once. The reason I go, a great show.  
Winter time means Cocoa Beach. A chance to thaw out a bit. Venue is therefore second to none. Again the focus is on clinics, not as many tables as Naperville, but with the ocean outside the door and good clinics who cares ;  )
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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