Re: Cocoa 2014

Tony Thompson

Jared Harper wrote:

From all the posts regarding "hijacking" presentations at Cocoa 2014 I get the idea that there must have been a lot of that or a particularly irritating individual.  I wasn't at Cocoa this year, but have been to and have presented at a number of them.  I have never had anyone behave badly in any of my presentations.  I do not mind questions at any point if a member of the audience does not understand some point or if they have something pertinent to say.

       I'm not sure where all the "hijacking" talk comes from. I did not see it in any session I was in, nor did I hear about it while I was there. It's certainly offensive when it happens, but with experience as a speaker, it can be dealt with. BTW, Jared, we missed you this year.

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