Re: AB brakes on PFE rebuilds like R-16

Tony Thompson

Ed Mines wrote:

Is this shown anywhere?

     First, nomenclasture. There was no "R-16," so I suppose you mean R-30/40-16, the slash signifying that cars might have 30-ton or 40-ton underframes, but the same superstructure, Second, you may mean, what hardware. R-30-40-16 happens to be the changeover from K to AB brakes among PFE rebuilt classes (as shown in the PFE book).  Brake gear is described in the PFE book for essentially all classes, and is also available in the diagram book(s). Third, you may mean, how was it located. PFE was pretty standard in this regard, and there are numerous car drawings in the PFE book, all consistent. However, since general arrangements were generally not prepared for rebuilds, a class like R-30-/40-16 does not have a drawing. A blueprint does exist for R-30/40-24, and a drawing made from it is in the PFE book.

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