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Don Strack

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Are these photos available for purchase?  If so, where?  They do not print up ( at least on
my computer)  off the e-mail.  There ae several that I really want in my collection.
Bill Pardie

I have these locked down at SmugMug's request. They say that enabling "right-click-save" lets the robots copy all the images, which they say is coming from some off-shore organization that is copying all of their albums. They are investigating how to prevent it, but in the meantime, right-click-save is disabled. I can tell when I unlock an album -- the daily views go from the normal hundreds, to 71,000+ for one album in less than 30 days.

In the meantime, you can use a screen capture program to capture the "X3-Large" size from the icon in lower right of each image screen. I use Snagit, a great capture program from TechSmith.


I use Snagit almost daily as I do my research in newspapers and Google books, and at, since it captures whatever I see on my monitor, and allows adding text to the image so that I can cite my source. I also use it to bring multiple images into a single image, and add text (or arrows, or lines, etc.).

Or, you can view the X3-Large image, hit Print Screen on your keyboard, then crop the image to just the train stuff. But Snagit works a whole lot better.

Don Strack

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