Re: AB brakes on PFE rebuilds

Tony Thompson

Ed Mines wrote:

I've noticed the air reseveroir is pretty low in photos (like R-30-12-18 on p140 & R30-21 on p144).

Apparently R-30-9 (p135) received AB brakes too and this shows a low slung reservoir 

       The cars which were rebuilt from cars with Bettendorf underframes, had "low-slung" brake equipment because the lever had to pass beneath the center sill. But any car rebuilt from a car with a built-up underframe had slots in that underframe for levers to pass through. The complication is that there were thousands of cars with either kind of original underframe. Thus you CANNOT infer arrangement for an entire rebuilt class, such as R-30-9 or R-30-21, from one photo, because you are really only seeing one of the two possible underframes. Yet another reason to choose a car number that matches a photo, so you know you can get the brakes right. Or of course, you can do it as you like, since no one carries the rebuilt rosters in their head, and cannot know whether you are wrong.

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