Re: logos, emblems, and monograms Oh My!

Frank Greene

I agree "medallion" connotes a physical object.  Southern drawings for the "SR in a circle" are labeled "Monogram", except where it's painted on a metal disk bolted to the nose of a diesel electric.  In that instance, it's a "Medallion".
Frank Greene
Canton, GA

On 1/19/2014 2:26 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

I agree with you guys. I don't know how the term "herald" got into the hobby lingo
because it's not common in the business world. I think "logo" is most common, with
"emblem" and "monogram" being less common but more specifically referring to graphic
art. I think "medallion" has connotations of a physical object that depicts a logo,
emblem or monogram. PFE actually used metal medallions attached to their cars for
a time, so maybe that's why the word stuck.

Tim O'

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