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Back in 2006 in the [Baltimore_and_Ohio] Yahoo! group...
James Mischke provided history on the exC&O deco-end cars sent to the B&Os as class M-25e... (below).

Other than "well known" M-25e car number 169544 (from the BOHS - J Bernard photo)...
on Rich Yoder's site (He did the Models!) at:
is there documentation/photos of other cars in the incomplete 169500-169749 series?

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

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The Prototype

In 1937, C&O bought some 40-foot boxcars from General American that
conformed to the 1937 AAR specification with 10'-0" inside
height, and with 6-foot door openings. As typical for
railroads, specified fixtures were spread out between
vendors. Total order was 500 cars, C&O 5000-5499. Of these,
the 5000-5249 had Camel doors and fixtures, the 5250-5499 had
Creco (looks like a three panel Superior would). The 5000-5399
had dreadnaught ends, the 5400-5499 had Deco ends, a truly
bizarre end pattern.

In 1964, C&O leased a number of these to B&O through Raillease, as B&O
class M-25e 169500-169749. Although this implies 250 cars, the B&O
clearance diagram says 77 cars, the Jan. 1965 ORER says 67, a 9/67 B&O
roster reports 77 cars. All suggesting an incomplete series. These
lasted to about 1974.

At 04:29 PM 1/19/2014, Richard Yoder wrote:
Yes, it was referenced in the C&O world as a Deco end box car. There were
100 of these cars built by GATC in 1937. There are some photos floating
around out there of the same car painted in B&O Livery which occurred when
the B&O received some hand me downs in the early 60's. There might still be
some photos found on my web site of these cars.

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