Re: Reading boxcar series 101000-102999

Larry Sexton


Thanks for your response in the email below and to the query I sent Allen
Stanley this morning. I started a list of modeling points I need to be aware
of before I even get started.

• Wood roof walk apparent in all photos regardless of date of photo

• RDG 103751 and 102800 good side shots for details. 102751 and 102327
appear to show roof ribs. Drawing by Wiswesser for these cars shows roof
ribs. Need photo or diagram sheet to understand type of roof. Drawing and
photos don’t appear to be similar to PRR x 29 roofs.

• Car has a flat end similar to the x29, but 6” taller – key difference.
Has the same vertical rivet spacing (3 vertical pairs of rivets top to

• Towing staples attached at bolsters

• As-built photo of 101070 shows 6-5-6 ribbed Youngstown (?) door.
Similar Tichy door for same height car is a 5-6-6. Need to chase correct
door or make one.

• Biggest concern is what the roof looks like. Ordered the Reading
Freight Car and Passenger Cars in Color to see if Craig B’s had a roof shot

• Eric Neubauer did an article in the January 1995 RMC that addressed
these cars and it appears they have USRA underframes. I need to locate the
article to be certain of underframe, roof and dimensions.

My conclusion is that a model of this car is doable. Any chance you could
provide me a scan of your article to see what the roof looks like. Taylor
trucks likely to be a sticking point. Checking with Eastern Car Works, not
certain what kit they were in. Do you see any issues or problems I might
have missed?

Larry Sexton

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Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 3:28 PM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Reading boxcar series 101000-102999

They are different because they are on a USRA inspired underframe just like
a lot of contemporary NYC all-steel cars were. The best spotting feature for
cars like these is the 2x3 rivet pattern on the side sill at the body
bolster. No photo, but ends are flat.

Eric N.

Does anyone have a photo of any Reading boxcar in series 101000-102999
they’d be willing to provide me a scan. I’m trying to create a model of one
these cars which, at first look, appear to be similar to a PRR x-29 boxcar.
Except for the 6” difference in height. There may be other differences as
well that I haven’t spotted yet. I have a side shot but no ¾ or end view.
Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Larry Sexton

Crystal River, FL

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