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A few published photos of the XMu class, showing end and/or roof::

RDG 101070, 101400: RP CYC 21 pp80-81
RDG 101070 (again): RMC 1/95 p76 and MM 2/87 p41
RDG 101023: Bossler, "RDG Color Guide", p 68
RDG 101199: MM 2/86 p41 and RMJ 8/04 p40
RDG 101517: Kline and Culotta, "PFCF" p41
RDG 101572: Griffin, "SAL" p35 (partial end shot behind tender of 2-8-2)
RDG 102123: Henderson, "Classic Freight Cars vol 1", p 16
RDG 102751: Culotta, "FCRM 1", p 129 (shows roof from shallow angle)

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Does anyone have a photo of any Reading boxcar in series 101000-102999 they’d be willing to provide me a scan. I’m trying to create a model of one these cars which, at first look, appear to be similar to a PRR x-29 boxcar. Except for the 6� difference in height. There may be other differences as well that I haven’t spotted yet. I have a side shot but no ¾ or end view. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Larry Sexton
Crystal River, FL

These cars are being reviewed by a major manufacturer of HO scale equipment now. I'm not at liberty to state who but it is NOT NERS.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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