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Larry Sexton


Thanks for the input. You say a major manufacturer of HO scale equipment is reviewing these cars now. I’m glad to hear that. However, I’ve got my sides and underframe made and am working on the ends. About all I need after that to complete this freightcar model is a good photo of the roof that clearly shows the roof detail and I can get to work on the roof masters. There has even been some discussion on whether I’d be interested in having the cars cast, but I haven’t decided on that yet. I’ll see how things turn out at the next RPM meet I attend this spring, and whether the people you’re referencing get their models ready to sell any time soon.

Again, thanks for the feedback.

Larry Sexton

Crystal River, FL

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A few published photos of the XMu class, showing end and/or roof::

RDG 101070, 101400: RP CYC 21 pp80-81
RDG 101070 (again): RMC 1/95 p76 and MM 2/87 p41
RDG 101023: Bossler, "RDG Color Guide", p 68
RDG 101199: MM 2/86 p41 and RMJ 8/04 p40
RDG 101517: Kline and Culotta, "PFCF" p41
RDG 101572: Griffin, "SAL" p35 (partial end shot behind tender of 2-8-2)
RDG 102123: Henderson, "Classic Freight Cars vol 1", p 16
RDG 102751: Culotta, "FCRM 1", p 129 (shows roof from shallow angle)

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Does anyone have a photo of any Reading boxcar in series 101000-102999 they’d be willing to provide me a scan. I’m trying to create a model of one these cars which, at first look, appear to be similar to a PRR x-29 boxcar. Except for the 6” difference in height. There may be other differences as well that I haven’t spotted yet. I have a side shot but no ¾ or end view. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Larry Sexton
Crystal River, FL
These cars are being reviewed by a major manufacturer of HO scale equipment now. I'm not at liberty to state who but it is NOT NERS.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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