Re: Cudahy Meat Reefer End Color Question

Dave Nelson

IMO the real problem is not the scanner or the photograph but the monitor in use (and laptop screens are far, far worse).  Waaaaaay too few people calibrate their monitor and so the scan may be perfect, the photo may be perfect but the screen throws in too much blue or too little green or too little brightness, etc. etc and/or any and all combinations of whatever can go wrong… is usually present on most screens.


I have a high end $600 screen and I calibrate it regularly because most of my work product for RR sims now is artwork.  I’m often SHOCKED at how f’ed up some of my peers artwork is on account of the lousy screen they use.


And please understand that the RGB values sent to my screen and to yours are identical for the same image – it’s the same digital data – but what each screen does with that data is often very, very different.


Dave Nelson


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Which brings to mind a question --

Do scanners all use the same color (e.g. full frequency spectrum) light?


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