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Eric Neubauer <eaneubauer@...>

B&O 467000-467999 doesn't seem to work according to the ORER dimensions. The B&O cars had Duryea u/f (42-11 over strikers), the GNWR cars are 41-11 which suggests a fixed underframe. However, some Duryea cushion cars were rebuilt with fixed sill. The best indicator in this case is the location of the intermediate crossmember between the bolster and door post. The "tab" under the side sill is very close to the side sill reinforcement under the door quickly ruling out other options like CNJ. So, I agree the GNWR series is a good match for B&O 467000-467999 which is also illustrated at Fallen Flags
There is a good 3/4 shot of 100009 at Fallen Flags incidently. Note that the train line bracket under the end sill extends pretty far out, something typical of Duryea cars.


That was my first thought as well -- especially since the B&O operated in
the same geographic area as the GNWR. Richard, the EJ&E cars had 4/5 ends.

Tim O'Connor

How about B&O 467000-467999? See Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 8, page 77.
Details match, especially those Barber S-2 trucks with spring planks, unique to
all the cars pictured in the article.
Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

> > Anyone know the original owner of these cars? They are postwar, 10'0" IH box cars
> > with rectangular panel roofs. Can't be too many possibilities...
> >
> >
> >
> EJ&E 64000 series. In later years the original doors were replaced with Superior 5 panel doors.
> Richard Hendrickson

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