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Bill Schneider

Jon – I hid them well…. I hope… ;>)

Regarding the roof issue, Brian posted my earlier (MUCH earlier) discussion
on these, but apparently it would be worth restating this.

In the excellent and well researched article in RRP Cyc, Vol 14 that covered
these cars one of the builder's photo captions indicated that the roofs were
"steel-sheathed". To complicate things, the Sunshine Models resin kit that
was also illustrated in the article was also captioned as having the wrong
roof. These captions were was, as has been mentioned, in error and the
authors admitted as much after the issue went to press. The roofs were in
fact wood, a fact clearly shown by the lead photo in that same article.
Further, additional in-service shots of these cars show, as might be
expected, much more pronounced board texture than that shown in the shot of
a brand-new roof. The lead photo also shows this well.

We will have one each of the available models (grabbed at random from the
shipment and not yet checked!) on display at the Amherst Railway Society
show in Springfield, MA this weekend. Feel free to drop by the Mallary
Building, booth 144 in person if you're there and rip them apa... err....

Bill Schneider
Rapido Trains

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On 1/23/2014 6:59 AM, wrote:
Everyone please let us know if there are assembly issues on your reefers so
we can advise the factory where to improve on the second run.

    As soon as mine arrive I will inspect and give Bill a Call.  Now lets
see where did I put my 15x glasses!

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