Re: Friend needs Milwaukeer Road box car 502634 info

Eric Neubauer <eaneubauer@...>

For what it's worth, the diagrams show MILW 502955-505138 as double sheathed cars with Bettendorf u.f.
Eric N.

I forgot to add, back in 2001 I asked a question about these two
number series -- were they double sheathed, or single sheathed cars?
I never did get an answer to the query.

  series 500000-502954 blt CM&StP 1913
  series 502955-505138 blt CM&StP 1914

Tim O'


   Funny -- This same car came up in discussion on the old freightcars list,
   thirteen years ago! To this date I don't think anyone's found a picture of
   the Virginian car.
   Tim O'

  Al, I don’t have a photo, though I do have photos of similar MILW box cars in other number series.  The number series (in the 10/38 ORER) for this car was 500000-502954.  These were 40’ wood sheathed cars with steel underframes.
  Richard Hendrickson

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