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Larry Sexton


On page 109 of The Postwar Freight Car Fleet, there is a 3/4 side and end view of MDT 5373 from series 5000-5949. Not quite as swaybacked as the photo Richard shared. Still that will make a heck of a model. The caption with MDT 5373 says the car has a Murphy Solidsteel roof, wood sheathed sides and ends, and rounded corners. I tend to disbelieve the rounded corners.

If you have Merchants Dispatch by Roger Hinman, which is an excellent book BTW, on page182 there’s a photo of MDT 5725 and on page 184, there’s a drawing showing the side and end view of MDT 5699. If you need more info, I’m searching through my copies of The Central Headlight, which carried a number of Roger Hinman’s articles on the MDT. I believe there was a drawing of the underframe for the MDT series 5000-5949.

Bob Chapman did an excellent article in RMC a few years back. Maybe someone will tell you what issue it was.

Larry Sexton

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Anyone know want MDT 5744 might look like? And if it’s modelable?

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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