Re: Seen & Heard at Cocoa Beach - Southern Car and Foundry tank car

greg kennelly


Thank you for posting this group of photographs.  I am particularly interested in a group of British American Oil Company (BAOX) tank cars also built by STC Co in March - August of 1923.  Virtually all the photographs I have found of these cars have the bolster/tank cradle in deep shadow, so your photographs are a major find for me in terms of sorting out how the bolster/tank cradle was constructed. 

That said, I notice a major difference in the construction of the two bolsters/tank cradles shown on SCCX 662.  The lower member of the bolster on the B-end of the car is a channel (open side down) between the two "face-plates".  The lower member of the A-end bolster is a flat plate attached to the "face-plates" with "outward-facing" angles.

Was this standard practice for STC Co built cars or was there a change in bolster/tank cradle construction at some point?  Any information/comments greatly appreciated.

Thanks, also, for the Mainline Modeler reference.  I had forgotten that one!


Greg Kennelly

Burnaby, BC

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