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Norm Buckhart

Dave - can you provide me with the link to the C&OHS and do you think Carl Shaver's book is still available?  Thanks, Norm Buckhart

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Folks, I am building a Red Caboose C&O boxcar kit from the above series, but am uncertain about the correct roof for the prototype.

Martin Lofton's Prototype Data Sheet #18A addresses all three 1936-7 C&O orders for 1937 AAR boxcars comprising C&O 4000-5499, noting that the first 500 came with Viking roofs, and the second order of 500 cars "followed suit."  The final 500 cars were more diverse, all with Viking roofs, but the last 250 with Creco doors, and the last 100 of those with Deco ends (the Sunshine model).

However, in the table, "1937 AAR Box Cars - As Built roster" by Ed Hawkins and Ted Culotta, there are detailed notes for the first and third series, C&O 4000-4499 and 5000-5499, re Viking roof, as-delivered paint scheme, door and end variations in the final series, etc.  Interestingly, the "Notes" column is blank for the middle series, which makes me wonder.

Unfortunately, the C&OHS book, "Freight Car Equipment of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, August 1, 1937" by Carl Shaver does not address the boxcar roofs at all, although Plate 28 did discuss the end and door variations among all 1,500 cars.

I suspect that this series of boxcars also had Viking roofs - and have a Des Plaines Hobbies Viking roof ready to install - but would appreciate someone with more knowledge of the C&O to confirm this for me before I glue any roof into place.

Dave, I have photos of all three series and a photo of C&O 4788 shows it with a rectangular panel Murphy roof, not a Viking corrugated roof.

Richard Hendrickson

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