Re: Rapido GATC Meat Reefer Models

Bill Schneider

Could be..... Could be... ;>)

Seriously, the first run sold out and we probably could have sold at least
as many again as the general response has been very positive. I have enough
possible schemes for a third run as well, with the likely possibility of
doing some additional car numbers on some of the more popular schemes (OK,
Swift...) as well.

There has been some discussion about some QC issues and/or shipping damage
on a few of the production cars. We are serious about delivering a quality
product and will be working with the factory to find solutions to these
before the next runs, particularly the issue with the weights which seem to
have broken loose in some cars. Given that NONE of the... I don’t want to
count how many... samples that have gone back and forth to China and to
shows have exhibited this issue I suspect that UPS workers may have been
using some of the cars to practice for the upcoming Super Bowl!

Bill Schneider
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    Just got email from my dealer about a second run.  So does that mean the
product sold out fast and that this era and general type of car will be
profitable for Rapido?  In other words can we expect more STMFC cars?
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