Re: Help locating Intermountain Reefer kits


R-40-10s were found.
Thank you all so very much. IMs site shows them, but my local dealer was told they were not available.  Andy came through with what I need from his stock.
Joel Dethlefs

On Friday, January 31, 2014 1:36 PM, Bruce F. Smith wrote:

IM kits have only been available direct from IM for several years now. While there still may be some kits floating around hobby shop shelves, train shows and eBay, hobby shops cannot (AFAIK) order them.  

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL
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I am having problems locating Undecorated Intermountain R-40-10 Refrigerator car kits for a project. If anyone knows of a dealer(s) that specializes in kits, please send their contact information. All help is appreciated, Joel

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