FW: New Decals Annoucement

hubert mask

Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2014 14:16:20 -0800
From: u33b190@...
Subject: New Decals Annoucement
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Mask Island Decals is pleased to announce 10 new decal sets now available:


237   Rock Island Geeps Maroon and Yellow Block lettering
238   La Salle & Bureau County  Acid Tank cars
239   Rock Island 27000 40' Box
240   Union Pacific PS-1 RBL Automated Railway
241   Union Pacific PS-1 Combo Door Automated Railway
242   Union Pacific PS-1 50' DF  Automated Railway
243   Union Pacific Omaha RBL  50' Automated Railway
244   Union Pacific Omaha 53' Bulk Head flat
245   NAHX Reynolds Metals 3 bay pullman hopper
246   Milwaukee Road high cupola wood caboose

Please visit maskislanddecals.com

Thank you!

Hubert Mask

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