Re: C&NW freight car brown color

Norm Buckhart

Fenton - I heartily recommend the new TCP paints.  They have put a great effort into mixing the correct formulas to match the original ACF and P-S paint chips.  Ed Hawkins is a consultant on this and he and Pat Wider have clippings from all the actual bill of materials Bowles drift cards from the ACF factory before it closed.  Between 1943 and 1959, the C&NW used a lot of DuPont CNW #3 which matches TCP-925.  You can buy this either from Protocraft or TCP directly.  The original and correct colors are rather dark and you may want to experiment with replicating some oxidation using a few drops of TCP-179 gray.  Norm Buckhart

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Any suggestions for a paint color for C&NW boxcars for the late 1940's.  Floquil Freight Car Brown looks close but if anyone has a better story let me know.

Fenton Wells

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