Re: nice NYS&W single sheathed boxcar

Eric Neubauer <eaneubauer@...>

I have NYSW 403-435 to MON 541-565 in 1956 and LNE 9051-9058 in 1956-57. Only NYSW 401-402 remained. The mystery is, what happened to the LNE cars when they sold off all their newer equipment a few years later? Anyone have 8 second hand PS-1s with unknown origins? The built date should be 11-52 or thereabouts..
Eric N.

That sounds about right.  From memory there were 11 36' cars left in 1959, but having recently sold just about all their their PS1s to the Monon and I believe, the L&NE, I suppose the NYS&W had little other choice.


The operation looked quite interesting, involving a train consisting of an RS1, MP54 combine, one of the corrugated Budd coaches with a boxcar bringing up the rear.  I think some NYS&W PS1s had brackets for marker lights for that reason.  I do not know if the 36' cars did too.




Ben Scanlon

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