Re: Help locating Intermountain Reefer kits

North Model Railroad Supplies <nmrs@...>

IM kits have only been available direct from IM for several years now. While there still may be some kits floating around hobby shop shelves, train shows and eBay, hobby shops cannot (AFAIK) order them.
Bruce Smith



Hi Bruce,

Dealers can buy kits when they are available at the same discount they buy all other Intermountain products.


Hi Joel,

For some time IM’s website has been terribly inaccurate in terms of whether an item is in stock or not.

Some months ago, IM started sending monthly “In Stock” lists to dealers, to provide a more accurate summary from month to month.

I just had a look at the Jan 14th list and the R-40-10 kit is NOT listed – so is out of stock.

As one would imagine, the kits are run at the same time as RTR cars using that body are produced.

You can contact your IM dealer and ask him to reserve some kits for you, and they will be available shortly after the RTR are released.



Dave North

(Whose son has an Intermountain dealership)

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