Change in selling policy...from the Admin

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

OK, guys. Marty asked everyone to get back to him off line. For those that
don't know...that means go to him directly and not through the group. While
Don didn't say to contact him directly, he knows to do that and I've
preached it enough.

However. When you hit reply you may not get the individual address of the
sender. For example, I don't always. Perhaps that's why some replies are
going through the group. Therefore, I am initiating a new policy. If you
wish to be contacted off in having a list of stuff to
sell...include your Email address in the message that you send to STMFC.
Those replying should use that address and not that of the group.

Here are the addresses of Don and Marty:

Don Winter: guaruba@...

Marty McGurik: mac@...

If Don or Marty have another address that they would prefer to have used,
please send it through the STMFC group. In the future, if you cannot find an
individual's Email address, ask me...I'll get it to you.

Thanks, guys.

Mike Brock

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