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John Larkin

Anyone have plans or know where they might be for any of these multi-purpose cars?  The C&EI car would make a great model for my live-steam railroad (1.6" scale), assuming I have enough money to buy all the brake wheels!

John Larkin

On Sunday, February 2, 2014 12:43 PM, Eric Neubauer
I'm showing only one single CB&Q order with WSC&F for 1,000 cars numbered 95000-95999 rather than three different series.
Pullman lot 5098 built for Ralston in 1-05 was a combination stock, coal & box car.
GN had over 8,000 drop bottom box cars.
There was a strong interest in multi-purpose cars ca. 1905. The only viable design to come out the the many was the GS gondola.
Even back in 1895, the P&R developed the multi-pupose HKa. It had a hopper bottom for easy unloading of coal, but also a largely flat floor for handling lumber, etc. or the return trip. It was in production for about 7 years
Eric N.


CB&Q had three series of hopper bottom boxcars built in 1904 by Western Steel (XM-9), and 1905-1906 by Pullman (XM-11), all with lumber doors. The hoppers were removed in 1917.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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The C&EI car seems unusual (was tempted to say unique) as it seems to be a drop bottom boxcar. It appears
there is a lumber door open on the far end.  Add roof hatches and a ventilated door to have your "all-purpose"
freight car.  Anyone have info on similar cars?
Chuck Peck

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