Re: Trucks for B&O M-53

Jim Barnes

Athearn's Santa Fe 50ft ice reefer, Rr-30, did come with National B-1 trucks and I too wish Athearn would issue offer this truck as a separate part.  Their truck had good detail and rolled well.  A suggestion to them to offer this truck separately couldn't hurt.
Jim Barnes

From: Tim O'Connor
To: STMFC@...
Sent: Sunday, February 2, 2014 9:30 PM
Subject: RE: [STMFC] Trucks for B&O M-53


Didn't Athearn produce B-1 trucks as well?

Every single time I see Sam Clarke I tell him I will buy his trucks once he starts selling them with .088 wheels.
I suggest EVERYBODY do the same. Manufacturers will give in to demand, strangely enough.

And where is the CHRYSLER truck??? Egads do I have to make one myself to guarantee that at least five
different vendors will immediately release this truck as soon as I've finished? :-)

Tim O'Connor

 Sad indeed. I was hoping that Brian would issue National B-1 trucks, since the Walthers version has been unavailable for some time,
 and I知 not a big fan of Kadee wheels. As far as I know, Walthers and Kadee are the only manufactures to offer National B-1 trucks
 Nelson Moyer

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