Re: MDC B&LE roller bearing trucks w/outside brake hangers

Tony Thompson

Mike Bradley wrote:

Does anyone know if the trucks that MDC/Roundhouse included with their B&LE 3 bay offset side hopper (70 ton roller bearing w/outside brake hanger) are available from Athearn?  I have been unable to find it on their parts list.  Also, if you know the part number, I'd greatly appreciate it.

        Athearn lists a certain amount of their parts on their web site, but MANY others are not listed, mostly because of smaller sales numbers. WHENEVER you want an Athearn part and don't find it on their site, send them an email (the contact is on the parts page) and ask. They will give you the part number and you can then order from them.
         To answer your question, yes, these trucks have been available recently (though I cannot promise for today), so do inquire. If somehow you fail to get the part number, let me know and I will get it.

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